Are E-Liquid Flavors in Jeopardy?

One of the features that separate e cig liquid from regular cigarettes is the different flavors the e-liquids come in. Many manufacturers offer flavors that taste like fruits, desserts and a variety of other experiences. Vaping enthusiasts have so many options that they are often spoiled for selection. They don’t have to suffer from the meager selection of most cigarette smokers, who often only have menthol or regular to pick from.

However, the colorful and exciting flavors offered by e-cig manufacturers are seen by some to be targeting youth. They say that kids and teenagers are attracted to the colorful flavors and different experiences offered by e-cigs. While there is little evidence to support such a claim, that hasn’t stopped lawmakers from lobbying against e-liquid flavors and trying to outright ban them in some states.

New York in particular is cracking down hard on the variety of flavors present in e-cigarettes. Lawmakers there are attempting to ban the flavor varieties, saying that they attract young people and tempt them to try a harmful habit. They don’t consider that vaping is considered by experts to be about 50 times safer than smoking cigarettes, with little to no risk for those inhale the secondhand vapors.

Lawmakers seem to be far more concerned that e-cigs are bringing in more teenage customers than cigarettes are and that vaping use is on the rise among youth. This is, of course, at the detriment of cigarette smoking as a trend and the cigarette industry. The youth are leaving that industry in droves, and the attachment rates among young people for tobacco cigarettes has fallen considerably over the last few years. Most industry experts attribute this to the rise in popularity and usage of e-cigs, and many would consider that to be a step in the right direction.

Lawmakers, watchdog groups, activists and anti-vaping lobbies would prefer that youth not vape or smoke at all, and that means that they often do everything in their power to make it difficult for young people to obtain e-cigs. What they are doing is taking away choices from adults who want greater flavor variety. Many people vape because of the selection, and taking that away from them in some areas could send them into the arms on the tobacco industry. Lawmakers could be spurring a rise in tobacco usage among all age groups, but particularly those that are already vaping. We have actually seen a trend going in this direction since new legislation has been put in place to restrict the sale and advertising efforts of e-cigs. It seems like every time lawmakers try to restrict e-cig sales and industry growth, they drive up tobacco cigarette usage rates.

If many lawmakers have their way, e-cigarette flavors will become a lot less varied and exciting, and that could seriously hurt the industry. In many cases, flavor variety is what attracts a large portion of vaporizer users to the habit, often drawing them away from smoking cigarettes. It’s far easier to create pleasant flavors with the liquid used in e-cigs than it is to create flavored cigarettes. Its one of the perks that e-cigs have over their more harmful competition, and if those choices and that feature is either taken away or limited, it could mean bad news for the e-cig industry as well as for those who use vaping as a way to transition out of smoking.

Many who are trying to kick a nicotine habit use e-cigs as a way to do so, and if they are limited in their options or vaping becomes less pleasurable for them because of a lack of flavors, that could hurt their efforts to quit nicotine.