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Financial advice and support for family members requiring long term care.

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Let us help you deal with the challenges of coping with a mentally ill parent.

Dealing with a mentally ill parent? Ongoing Help and Guidance!

As children, we love our parents and we want to see them live strong and healthy for as long as they can; however, the reality is different. Sometimes, our parents, the ones who took care of us, nurtured us and helped us to grow and develop into strong men and women, are no longer capable to take care of their own physical and emotional needs due to the fact that they are suffering from a mental illness. Dealing with the challenges of having a mentally ill parent can be quite difficult and will impact your life in many fundamental ways. 

Having to deal with strange and unpredictable behaviors caused by the mental illness of you parents can be devastating but not impossible. We, at Middlesbrough Mind, are here to provide you with the advice and support that you need to make the best out of your current situation. With our ongoing help and guidance, over time you will be able to develop the knowledge and skills that you need to deal with the challenges resulting for the metal illness of your parents.

Dealing with a mentally ill parent? Unbiased and Expert Advice!


Dealing with a Mentally Ill Parent

Our team of advisers will go through a fact finding process with you so that they can understand and assess your situation. Based on the information that they obtained, they will offer unbiased and expert advice on how you can best deal with the mental illness of your parent.


Deciding on Long Term Care 

As much as you love your parent and want to personally take care of him or her, you may be unable to do so due to a lack of time. Taking care of a mentally ill parent is a full-time job so at one point or the other you will have to opt for long term care but how do you know which type of long term care to opt for? We are here to help you in that decision making process.

Dealing with a mentally ill parent? The Financial Solution!

Long Term Care is costly. Where will you get the money that is needed to fund the long term care that your mentally ill parent needs? Our financial advisers are here to make recommendations about the financial products and services that are suitable for you to help you fund the the long term care of your mentally ill parent. The financial solution when dealing with a mentally ill parent who requires long term care is equity release. There are many different types of equity release schemes available, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Here is what we need from you for us to help you decide which equity release scheme is best suited to your situation.

the assets owned by your parent 

the property ownership of your parent 

the outstanding liabilities that your parent has that might reduce the value of the assets or property

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Here are the testimonials of some of our satisfied clients.

When my father started to become mentally unstable at the age of 75 years, I did not know what to do or where to turn to for help. I had a busy schedule so I could not stay at home and take care of him but thankfully, with the help of Middlesbrough Mind, I was able to pay for long term care for him.
Pauline M. Seeman

Happy Client

A few months ago, the staff of Middlesbrough Mind made me aware of the concept of equity release and how I could take advantage of it to fund the long term care of my mom. I am so thankful that they did because it took away the financial burden I was dealing with for quite a few years.
Lillian T. Hill